Bien penser est sage. Bien planifier est plus sage. Bien agir est le plus sage et le mieux de tout
"Proverbe perse"

Our trades

RADèS is an independant consulting and integration company that offers services to large French and international companies.

Founded in 2006, RADèS provides services to large French banks and insurance companies along with some large energy sector companies (gas, electricity).

RADèS three fields specialisations:

  • Operational Intelligence and BAM (Business Activity Monitoring - Trade Supervision) and Big Data engineering
  • Project management for banking and energy activities
  • Integration of banking software packages

Operational Intelligence - BAM - Big Data

Specialised project management

Integration of banking enterprise softwares

Our services

  • Project management assistance and consulting
  • Integration of software packages in operational intelligence fields – trade supervision
  • Training in supervision skills
  • Application legacy development, maintenance in operating conditions

  • Conception, development and execution of supervision solutions with software packages and big data technologies architectures or with big data technologies only
  • Installation and operation of skills centres for operational intelligence - supervision
  • Integration of banking software packages


RADèS supports its clients from banking integration to strategic intelligence through specialised project management.

About us

RADèS works as a consulting company through a strategy of targeting on strong added value segments.

Missions have advising or integration purpose for projects from start to end and require the consultant to act on all axis: business, relational and technical. 

On a human-sized and equipped with a people-friendly organisation, RADèS has developed since the beginning an information sharing culture.

This complete transparency of the company, its strategies and its goals provide everyone with room for initiative, innovation and commitment in order to take part in its growth: for example, more than half of the recruitments are done by co-optation.

The summer seminar, pinnacle of multiple meetings throughout the year, allows consultants to share and adapt strategies while reinforcing personal and professional bonds.

Join us


Every year, RADèS welcomes several interns in their last year of engineering master degree hoping to offer them a permanent contract at the end of their internship.


Young graduates formed most of RADèS recruitments who are accompanied on their first job experience.


RADèS hires technical experts to enhance and expand its sphere of activity.